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       to help young women realize and experience their dreams

of a better life for themselves and their children.

You are welcome to get connected and be part of making a difference—one girl at a time, one baby at a time,

one life at a time!

We desire

Ways You Can Help

  • Pray for Rachel's Tea House---
  • Mail a donation---
Rachel's Tea House
P.O. Box 4121
Kansas City, KS 66104
  • Donate online to​​---
  • Volunteer---
  • Sponsor a Baby Shower---
  • Donate New Gifts (for babies and mothers)---
  • Host a Baby Bottle Fill-up​---
Individuals, families, organizations and churches choose a week, month or season to fill up Rachel's Tea House baby bottles with change, and for change. Donated change is used to purchase items for Carla's Closet.​
  • Provide Monthly Financial Support---
  $50 provides 70 --12 oz bottles
  $100 provides 30 baby wipe packages
  $150 provides over 15 packages of diapers
  $200 offsets the cost of monthly courses
  $500+ and up offsets monthly operational expenses​
  • Become a Partner---
Support initial informational resources for long-term housing, job training and certifications, financial literacy and management, quality daycare and pre-school services​, and other specific-need projects.​​
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Hosting a tea party or baby shower for RTH is an easy way to raise funds to help teen or single moms and their babies.  Your tea party can be simple or grand, virtual or actual.  You can hold a party any time throughout the year and even incorporate the party into special occasions like birthdays and holiday celebrations.  Maybe try a Mother/Daughter Tea or a Children's Tea Party.  Feel free to use your creativity!  Consider hosting a party with a friend or group to increase your network of funding resources.

An actual party is when you ask your guests to attend the event.  Using your own creative twist you can plan an event that is in line with your available time, energy and budget.  It may be a "High Tea" held at a local tea house, an "Adult/Child Tea" with separate activities for each, or sweet tea and lemon bars in the backyard with friends on a hat summer day, you plan your party, menu & activities.

A Virtual Tea is not an actual party, but a mailing (or emailing) to your family, friends, acquaintances & colleagues. You invite them to support RTH and we will provide tea bag thank you cards.

A baby shower for RTH can be a separate event or incorporated with a tea party during which guests can bring baby items to be donated to Carla's Closet Baby Store.


List of Suggested Items to Donate

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